Who needs a copy-editor or proofreader? What do they do anyway?

Well, you wouldn't try to sell your car without:

  • an MOT
  • tidying and cleaning it inside
  • washing and polishing it outside.
So why would you submit a first or second draft of your important document (that you have spent your valuable time composing) without ensuring that it is in a fit state, conveys the message you want to get across and is suitable for the intended recipient?

That's OK, my English isn't bad. I'll just check it myself and anyway, I've got a good spell checker.

The trouble is that it is extremely difficult to look at your own work objectively, because you are too familiar with it and tend to read what you mean to say rather than what is actually on the page.
Also,  spell checker is a dangerous tool as it is often looked upon as being a cure-all. It will certainly highlight a misspelled word. What it won't do is identify if:
  • a word is being used incorrectly (e.g. their, they're  or there )
  • a word is being used inconsistently (e.g. using Teamwork in mid-sentence on pages 6 and 9  but using teamwork on page 12)
  • an acronym  is being used without explaining  its meaning the first time it is used (e.g. just using NICE instead of National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)
  • you have introduced a concept or idea without any link or explanation in the previous, current, or following sentence or paragraph 
  • there is any ambiguity (e.g. both granddaughter's dolls and granddaughters' dolls are spelled correctly but do you mean one granddaughter or several?
You work hard and put a lot of effort into producing your document but if it is not error-free and/or does not flow smoothly, you may find that it, and in turn you, are regarded on this basis rather than on your idea/concept which, of itself, may be perfectly sound. 

So whether it's brochures, newsletters, reports, essays, dissertations, books, magazines, or websites, I can make them worthy of your time and effort and ensure that they are suitable for presentation to your target audience.